Patagonia Womens R1 CrossStrata Hoody STME



A Warm, Stretchy, and breathable jacket with great weather protection and anti-abrasion technology, The Patagonia Womens R1 CrossStrata Hoody is designed for amazing versatility in ever-changing conditions. 

The lightweight double weave fabric with a comfortable zig-zag texture keeps the wearer warm and soft on the skin while not trapping too much heat in the hotter seasons, a durable outer layer gives the jacket shower-resistant qualities and by utilising the durable water-repellent coating, the coat keeps you dry and at a perfect temperature all year round. 

The CrossStrata Hoody is designed with comfort, durability, and flexibility in mind, with a stretch material and shoulders designed for freedom of movement, allowing for minimal restrictions when reaching overhead whilst staying warm and dry. 

A soft elastic hood also keeps the wearer dry and is designed to work under helmets while keeping comfortable and allowing for visibility and maximum range of movement, the jacket is fastened using a soft zip for amazing next-to-skin comfort when fully zipped. 

The low bulk hem and sleeves of the CrossStrata Hoody enable added comfort when worn alongside a harness, anti-snag technology to keep the wearer safe as well as being versatile for various weather conditions and temperatures. 

This Jacket also has a number of storage options with different pocket sizes, materials, and closures for a variety of options when loading valuables, extra gear, or even crag snacks. A zippered left-chest pocket allows for quick access to any valuables or other items that may need to be accessed quickly, This pocket also has a discrete drop-in pocket with snap closure for any extra items. Alongside this chest pocket the jacket comes with two handwarmer pockets with invisible zips that sit just above a harness, allowing you to access all of your items while on the wall quickly and easily. 

CrossStrata is the perfect choice for warm evenings, wet weekends or summer afternoons, giving great versatility when it comes to temperature changes and storage options while still keeping it lightweight and comfortable.  

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