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Wild Country Movement Harness Junior

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The Wild Country Movement Harness for Juniors is identical to the adult version, coming in one size with four adjustable straps on the waist and legs for comfort, safety, and a guaranteed fit. 

Designed for maximum comfort, utilising a cushioned strap and fitting shape alongside a brightly coloured tie-in for maximum visibility, allowing the belayer to check safety easily.

There is a gear loop on the rear of each side of the harness which stands out well for easy access to carabiners, quickdraws and any other gear you might need. There is also a smaller rear loop, perfect for attaching your chalk bag.

This is a comfortable and easy-to-use harness with great flexibility alongside all of the essential climbing features, perfect for any young climbers.

  • Two gear loops
  • Comfortable fit
  • Highly adjustable 
  • Brightly coloured tie-in 
  • Dual side block buckles

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