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Climbing in the Summer Holidays

Holiday Club is the perfect session for the summer holidays, keeping your kids engaged in exciting climbing activities, and creative with off-the-wall games.  We also provide lunch!

See our range of climbing classes for all ability and experience levels, starting from ages 1+. Keep them active and sociable this summer, with team-building activities and building social networks, there’s a session for every climber and their parents.

See how we can help the whole family get climbing this summer holiday.

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Summer Bouldering Leagues 2024

Sponsored by CORE Climbing

3 rounds to see you through the summer, with top prizes from CORE & the opportunity to WIN £100 to spend on their website.

  • Round 1: June 5th-9th
  • Round 2: July 10th-14th CORE Boulder Round
  • Round 3: August 12th-18th

FREE online scorecard via the link below.

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That’s some mega savings! Come down and check out our sale rail items in our comprehensive onsite climbing shop.

T&Cs apply, in-store only, while stock lasts.

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Depot Climbing Athletes at the Olympics

A huge congratulations to Erin McNeice and Molly Thompson-Smith who are 2 of the 4 British Olympians heading to Paris.

Find out how they feel about this incredible achievement.

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Social Climbing in Leeds

Want to meet and climb with like-minded people? Our social sessions provide the space for you to meet new friends, or come along with your current crew.

Best of all? We’ve got socials happening all through the week across our 3 centres, which are all accessible at no extra cost to our unlimited climbing pass holders!

All socials come with a  complimentary brew before we get started to break the ice, and are supervised by one of our expert instructors who are on hand to provide some casual tips and tricks of the trade.

Find your tribe with our selection of social climbing sessions.

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A little coaching, a lot of gain

Climbing is unique to each of us, so we know that improving your climbing depends on your enjoyment of the sport and what you’d like to get out of it.

That’s why we have a range of coaching and instruction for all abilities, at affordable price ranges; so you can take your climbing in any direction!

Find the session for you in our collection of coaching services and reach new heights in your climbing.

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Climbing & Community

Yorkshire puddings & gravy, climbing & community; are all things that go hand in hand and improve each other.

Community is the thread that keeps us climbing, that’s why we offer a range of instructor-led socials to get you involved and climbing with other climbers.

Find your tribe at Depot Climbing with our Social Sessions.


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Best Value Climbing

Want to boulder, rope climb & work out in the gym? With access to 50% of the climbing walls in Leeds our Unlimited Climbing Passes are the best value climbing in town!

See how having us along for the ride in your climbing journey isn’t just good for your biceps and your pockets too!

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People of Depot Climbing Video Series

Profiling those who make up the Depot community, from athletes and route setters to staff, directors and customers, this video series focusses on the common thread that links us all; what we love about climbing.

Watch the first episodes now and subscribe for weekly content.

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Gym Inductions are here!

We’ve got one of the most comprehensive gyms in the industry right here in Armley, perfect for those of you who like to combine a traditional gym workout with a climbing session.

Now you can book a FREE instructor-led induction to the gym so you can make the most of all our facilities.

All part of our commitment to Making Everybody Strong in Leeds.

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Stay Classy: Responsible Outdoor Bouldering

Climbing has never been more popular and in vogue and is growing at a rapid rate.

As a business that sees thousands of climbers each day, in a ‘self-governed’ sport, we believe we have a responsibility to help any climber aspiring to take their new passion to the next level; the outdoors!

We can build countless new walls, but we can’t build new crags. So how can we ensure we collectively look after what we’ve got?

We teamed up with an author, photographer and gritstone aficionado Dave Parry,  to see what little behaviours we can all adopt to ensure our outdoor crags are well looked after.

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