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Core Climbing x Depot Summer Bouldering Leagues 2024

Summer Bouldering Leagues return to Depot Climbing this summer season but with a bit of a different twist…

Supported by Core Climbing, who will be providing unique prizes, sponsored boulders and support throughout.

We’ll be running 3 rounds over 3 months, with the final round score counting double.  All 3 scores are combined to give your local Depot SBL Champions.

Every round in each participating centre will host a raffle on the round, simply submit your scorecard to be in with a chance of winning great prizes from top brands, no matter where your score lands you.

Scorecards and Round Results can be found at the bottom of the page.

Core Climbing
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What is the Summer Bouldering League?

Here to foster a sense of community within each Depot Climbing site, Summer Bouldering Leagues inject a bit of friendly competition and an opportunity for climbers of all abilities to experience a competitive environment without pressure.

6 Depot Climbing centres will host 3 rounds of the Summer Bouldering League competition, Round 1 will take place in June, Round 2 will take place in July and the final Round 3 will take place in August.

Rounds will be open from the day the competition builders are set until the centre closes on the Sunday of that week. Full calendar of rounds can be found below.

Scores will be submitted online, with results available 48 hours of completion of the round.

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Summer Bouldering Leagues Round 1 Scorecards & Results

All scorecards can be found here for each round and will become active once the round opens.

Once your round is complete, Round scores will be available here.

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How do they work?

It’s all so simple! Each round will consist of 20 boulders, ranging from V0-V8, climb as many of them as you can, in as few attempts as possible, all while having fun! The scoring works:

  • 1st attempt = 10 points
  • 2nd attempt= 7 points
  • 3rd attempt = 4 points
  • 4+ attempts = 1 point

R3 scores will count double.

Problems will be up on the walls until the reset for the next round, however, scores only count if submitted before your centre closes on the Sunday of the round, your scores won’t be counted if not submitted during the rounds time.

Each scorecard entered per round will enter into our Round Raffle, with great prizes on offer at random to anyone taking part in the event, big scores don’t guarantee prizes!

There is also THE BIG RAFFLE.  Want to win a pair of climbing shoes of your choice from our stock? Every scorecard submitted for SBL rounds (max 1per person, per round) will be entered into a draw, for one lucky winner from across all participating sites to win a brand new pair of climbing shoes!

The overall SBL Winners will be determined per site by the top 3 competitors in each category, with the highest overall scores taking the win.  Round 3 scores count double! So don’t miss out!

Categories are:

  • Senior Male
  • Senior Female
  • Masters Male
  • Masters Female
  • Junior 7-11 Male
  • Junior 7-11 Female
  • Junior 12-15 Male
  • Junior 12-15 Female

Overall SBL prizes are:

Senior & Masters Categories

  1. Depot Climbing x Core Climbing Nucleus Mat
  2. Depot Climbing x Core Climbing Boulder Bucket
  3. Psychi Psyche Powder Chalk

Junior Categories

  1. Depot Climbing x Core Climbing Boulder Bucket
  2. Psychi Psyche Powder Chalk
  3. Psychi Psyche Powder Chalk

Each participating Depot centre will have its own collection of winners.

Scorecards can be found by clicking your relevant participating site below, or by scanning a QR code in the centre on the day.

Core Climbing Boulders

Each centre will host a sponsored Core Climbing boulder during the league’s duration. Competitors can win £100 to spend on the Core Climbing website, but how?

Core boulders will be available at the following centres during each round:

  • Sheffield – June
  • Pudsey – June
  • Armley – July
  • Manchester – July
  • Nottingham – August
  • Birmingham – August

To win, record your attempt and upload it to Instagram with the tag #COREClimbing to be in with a chance of winning. Core will pick their favourite entry for each centre.

Keep your eyes peeled for the sing-posted boulder, set on Core Climbing holds.

Core Climbing Boulder Rules

  1. Video must be uploaded to Instagram
  2. Use #COREClimbing hashtag to enter
  3. Follow Core Climbing & your local Depot Climbing centre
Core Climbing Instagram
summer bouldering leagues Depot Climbing

When Are the Rounds?

Depot Sheffield
  • June 11th-16th
  • July 5th-7th
  • August 23rd-25th
Depot Manchester
  • July 12th-14th
  • August 2nd-4th
  • August 23rd-25th
Depot Armley
  • June 5th-9th
  • July 10th-14th
  • August 12th-18th
Depot Pudsey
  • June – 20th – 23rd
  • July – 18th – 21st
  • August – 22nd – 25th
Depot Nottingham
  • June 28th – June 30th
  • July 25th – July 28th
  • August 29th – September 1st
Depot Birmingham
  • June 5th-9th
  • July 3rd-7th
  • August 7th-11th

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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