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Performance Climbing Classes

A follow-on from our Fundamentals classes or for those with a good grasp of the fundamental climbing techniques.

This course is designed for someone comfortably climbing between V3-V5 (Black, Pink and Red circuits) and wanting to push into the higher grades.

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what are performance climbing classes?

These classes take all of the aspects of our Fundamentals classes and build upon the basic foundations acquired to push into higher grades and enable you to start climbing in the upper echelons of climbing grades.

These classes will take you from comfortably climbing V3-V5 and moving into the V6 and above grades (Purple, Yellow, and Orange).

All of our Performance classes can be booked individually, or as block bookings to suit your needs.  They can also be booked alongside Fundamentals classes to suit whatever stage of your climbing journey you are at.

With our coaching classes, you are in total control of your climbing journey; we’re just here to provide a helping hand.

Depot Climbing

what is the content of performance climbing classes?

Performance Footwork

Building upon the Fundamentals of footwork, you will build on a basic understanding of the benefits of good footwork in a higher-stakes (harder) climbing environment.

Performance Body Positioning

You will already be familiar with the basics of body positioning for basic climbing movements, and this class will build upon this, helping you to identify and predict required movements ahead of time to execute complex and advanced positioning.

Performance Dynamic Movement

This class introduces more complicated, coordinated movements in your climbing. Learn how to execute high-skill techniques and progress to the next level of modern climbing.

Conditioning to Take You Further

Here we will look at on and off-the-wall conditioning exercises that will benefit your climbing performance, help prevent injury, and build overall fitness that is key to performance climbing.

how much is it?

£25 per class

Per person, per class

£85 per 4-block booking

Per person, for a booking of 4 classes

Please contact the centre to block book your sessions

Wall entry & shoe hire are included in both single and block bookings.

Online Booking

Here you can book both Performance and Fundamentals classes, allowing you to book the sessions you think are right for you!

Please be sure to read the booking options carefully so that you book the correct classes.

For full Fundamentals Climbing Classes information, follow the link below.

Fundamentals Classes

1:1 Coaching

Looking for a more structured, personalised 1:1 coaching session? Our personal coaching sessions with our team of expert coaches are designed around your goals.

It all starts with one simple question, what is your goal?


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