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Welcome to our dedicated bouldering centre in Pudsey! We can’t wait to welcome you for great climbing, great coffee, and great times all at Depot Climbing Pudsey; the original Depot centre.

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Summer Bouldering Leagues 2024

Sponsored by CORE Climbing

3 rounds to see you through the summer, with top prizes from CORE & the opportunity to WIN £100 to spend on their website.

  • Round 1: June 20th-23rd CORE Boulder Round
  • Round 2: July 18th-21st
  • Round 3: August 22nd-25th

FREE online scorecard via the link below.

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Climbing & Community

Yorkshire puddings & gravy, climbing & community; are all things that go hand in hand and improve each other.

Community is the thread that keeps us climbing, that’s why we offer a range of instructor-led socials to get you involved and climbing with other climbers.

Find your tribe at Depot Climbing with our Social Sessions.

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BIG Depot Climbing Fair

The biggest day in the Leeds climbing calendar is coming! Join us at Big Depot Leeds on Saturday the 15th of June for a celebration of all things roped climbing.

There will be workshops from the biggest brands and best instructors in climbing, local climbing and mountaineering clubs to build community, and a headline talk/film screening from adventure climber Robbie Phillips.

All workshop proceeds will be donated to the Yorkshire Bolt Fund to help keep our crags safe and accessible.

We can’t wait to see you down the road at BIG Depot.

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15 Years of Depot Climbing

We’re turning 15! It only seems like yesterday we were opening our doors in 2009, and now we have multiple sites across the North West & Midlands. When we opened Depot Pudsey, we didn’t see it escalating this far!

To celebrate, we’re hosting a day of celebration, with FREE taster sessions for those newer to climbing, a FUN-FILLED competition of classic comp blox and silly challenges + Mexican street food, Northern Monk beer and an exclusive ‘retro’ The Depot Climbing Centre tee.

Find out more below, we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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Climb on Your Own Time

Whether you’ve got a busy life schedule, or you’re taking your climbing outdoors after a winter of training, our punch card passes mean you can climb to your own time.

Better still? Save up to £40 on your climbing!

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A little coaching, a lot of gain

Climbing is unique to each of us, so we know that improving your climbing depends on your enjoyment of the sport and what you’d like to get out of it.

That’s why we have a range of coaching and instruction for all abilities, at affordable price ranges; so you can take your climbing in any direction!

Find the session for you in our collection of coaching services and reach new heights in

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NICAS Bouldering

Focused on cultivating a lifelong involvement in climbing, the scheme teaches climbing techniques, terminology, equipment use, safety, and etiquette while providing a record of personal achievement.

Seew how our NICAS Climbing courses can help your young one reach their potential.

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Best Value Climbing

If you’re looking to combine climbing and general fitness, we’ve got what you need!  Not only are we the biggest bouldering centre in the UK, but our comprehensive training area is perfect for your non-climbing fitness too!

See how having us along for the ride in your climbing journey isn’t just good for your biceps and your pockets too!

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Reach the next level of your Climbing

Covering the advanced stages of climbing technique, movement, and training, these sessions will set you up for a successful climbing journey.

Catered for any stage of your climbing journey, classes can be booked individually, in conjunction with areas you want to improve on, even with some Fundamentals classes too.

With our coaching classes, you are in total control of your climbing journey; we’re just here to provide a helping hand.

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Stay Classy: Responsible Outdoor Bouldering

Climbing has never been more popular and in vogue and is growing at a rapid rate.

As a business that sees thousands of climbers each day, in a ‘self-governed’ sport, we believe we have a responsibility to help any climber aspiring to take their new passion to the next level; the outdoors!

We can build countless new walls, but we can’t build new crags. So how can we ensure we collectively look after what we’ve got?

We teamed up with an author, photographer and gritstone aficionado Dave Parry,  to see what little behaviours we can all adopt to ensure our outdoor crags are well looked after.

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