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Fundamentals Climbing Classes

Led by our experienced instructors, these one-off classes or blocking-booking sessions aim to develop your technique, gain confidence and learn the language of indoor climbing.

Perfect for those currently making use of our V1 to V3 (White & Blue circuits) and are keen to move into the higher grades.

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what are fundamentals?

Covering the early stages of climbing technique, movement, and basic training, these sessions will set you up for a successful climbing journey.

Catered for any stage of your climbing journey, classes can be booked individually, in conjunction with areas you want to improve on, even with some Performance classes too.

With our coaching classes, you are in total control of your climbing journey; we’re just here to provide a helping hand.

Depot Climbing

what is the content of fundamentals classes?


Footwork is a simple yet essential technique to improve your climbing as efficient foot placements will provide a stable base, saving you energy while you climb.

Body Positioning

Understanding stable body positions and how to string them together is essential to efficient climbing. This class teaches core concepts regarding balance and mindful movements to make you a better, more confident climber.

Route Reading

Route reading helps anticipate body position and movements on the wall; a prior understanding of the holds and moves on the wall improves your chances of success.

Dynamic Climbing

Learn to utilise momentum, rather than static strength, to execute bigger moves – and make use of the strength you already have.

how much is it?

£25 per class

Per person, per class

£85 per 4-block booking

Per person, for a booking of 4 classes

Please contact the centre to block book your sessions

Wall entry & shoe hire are included in both single and block bookings.

Online Booking

Here you can book any Fundamentals climbing classes, allowing you to book the sessions you think are right for you!

Please be sure to read the booking options carefully so that you book the correct classes.

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Introduction to Fundamentals Videos

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