Depot Climbing

Register At BD/LDS

Big Depot Leeds uses a database system called Rock Gym Pro for registrations. This system lets us check you in quickly and efficiently, so you spend less time waiting and more time on the wall.

If you’re not already on the system, you’ll need to fill in a quick digital form before you climb. The easiest way to do this is online before you visit, using the links below.

Or you can use the iPad at reception when you arrive.

Before completing a Form, please read our Conditions of Use & watch the induction video.

Conditions of Use
Depot Climbing

18 + Unsupervised Climbers

Registrations are for if you are already an experienced climber or have watched the video induction, and are happy to answer some safety questions when you come in. Or you are going to be doing an induction with us on your first session.

18+ Supervised Climbers

If you haven’t done much climbing before, or are unsure about our wall and how it works.

U18 Supervised Climber

Registrations for those under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to fill in this form.

14 – 18 Unsupervised Climbers

If you are over 14 and have relevant recent climbing experience, you can be signed off to climb unsupervised following the completion of an over-14 sign-off in our centre with an instructor.

You will need to contact the centre ahead of time to arrange/book a sign-off (please note at busy these may not always be available, sign-offs are subject to availability.

Please note this sign-off requires a legal parent or guardian to be present for the duration of the assessment.

Carers Entry/Registration

Registration forms must be completed by a parent, guardian or Care Manager. When completing the form and signing the supervision form a guardian must accept the responsibility for all terms and conditions and anyone they are supervising.

Conditions of Use
Depot Climbing

Adults (over 18) can complete the Adult Unsupervised Form once watching the video and juniors will need a parent or guardian to complete the Under 18 Supervised Form.

When you get to the centre the staff will ask if you watched the video then will ask a series of questions about the video to check you understood the content. You will be able to ask questions at this point.

If you would like more tips and guidance check out our Inductions.