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Grippd Sessions Board Climbing Competition & Intros

Embrace the board! Grippd Sessions are our new month-long inclusive board climbing series of introductory workshops and competitions.

Join us throughout May for weekly rounds of board problems (boulders) with prizes on offer for overall winners and a bumper raffle for every participant.

Not climbed on our board much? No problem! Join one of our FREE intro to board climbing sessions with our expert instructors, so you can safely enjoy the world of board climbing.

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What is board climbing?

Starting life in dank cellars in the 1980s and 90s, made from salvaged skip wood, bannister rails and almost any other piece of material that fingers could strain under the weight of the dedicated climber, board climbing has come a long way from its early inceptions, but anyone who’s set foot in a climbing wall might be familiar with the sight of a board in the corner.

Wielding a reputation as an intense training tool, modern board climbing has come a long way to becoming more accessible and acceptable in commercial climbing walls, from the Moonboard to the Kilterboard and beyond, brands are promoting the benefits of modern board climbing the world over.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns also saw climbers the world over have to hark back to methods from the days before commercial climbing walls exploded into the mainstream, building DIY home boards in gardens, basements and spare rooms as a way to keep their climbing habits fed.

Our wooden board is comfortable to use, being at a 30-degree angle, with symmetrical hardwood holds and plastic footholds, comfort and accessibility are at the heart of our board offerings. Offering a range of grip options suitable for all abilities, there are pinches, crimps and undercuts to get to grips with.

As a wall run by climbers, for all climbers, we’ve always been passionate advocates of board climbing as not just a training tool, but a community builder too.

Community board sessions are part of the heritage of indoor climbing here in the UK and have played their part in growing Depot Climbing from its humble beginnings in 2009 to where it is now.

That’s why we are keen to share our love of the board with our community, with this FREE-to-enter, friendly board climbing competition and FREE introductory board climbing sessions for those newer to the world of wood.

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Every week in May, we’ll be hosting 3 boulders specifically set on our board for the GRIPPD Sessions competition.

Each round will include a boulder for all abilities, with V0-2, V2-4 and V5+ boulders set and presented on the Stokd app.

  • Round 1 Week Commencing 3rd May
  • Round 2 Week Commencing 9th May
  • Round 3 Week 3 Commencing 16th May
  • Round 4 Week 4 Commecnign 23rd May
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Intro to Board Climbing Sessions

Every Saturday in May, between 7-8 pm you can take advantage of a FREE board climbing introductory session.

  • Session 1 4th May
  • Session 2 11th May
  • Session 3 18th May
  • Session 4 25th May

There are 8 spaces per session, if you would like to take part, please use the booking section to book your free place.

If you cannot make a booked session, please let us know so that we can free up your space for others.

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grippd sessions Depot Climbing
Depot Climbing

Round 4 Scores

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Depot Climbing

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Intro to Board Climbing Sessions Booking

These FREE one-hour sessions are here to help break down barriers to entry with our 30-degree wooden board apparatus.

If you are unable to attend a booked session, please contact the centre and we can reallocate your space.