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British Bouldering Championships 2023

July 6, 2023 9:23 am

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The British Bouldering Championships once again took place in Sheffield this weekend, with crowds descending Devonshire Green to watch some city bouldering

The BBC’s is the showcase event of the national competition calendar here in the UK, open to the public to watch some of the UK’s best and brightest talents strut their stuff in front of a raucous crowd.

We’ve got a new British Bouldering Champion in Jack MacDougal,  that caps off a strong season of both National and International competition, while Sam Butterworth narrowly saw off Depot Climbing athlete Dayan Akhtar for second place.

In the Women’s category, Holly Toothill went one better than in 2022, upgrading her Silver for a Gold medal in 2023.  Her success rarely looked in doubt in the final, taking a commanding lead and executing move after move to leave the rest trailing.

Eugenie Robinson Lee continued her consistent climbing abilities with a 2nd placed Silver medal ahead of Louise Flockhart who made a particularly good effort in W2 which posed a lot of problems for all the finalists.

This year’s event saw a large representation of Depot Climbing competitors, from Athletes and Academy members to Coaches & Staff.

Below we’ll provide an overview of the event’s results, with a particular focus on the outstanding performances of Dayan Akhtar, Emma Edwards, Will Buck, and Flo Brailsford.

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Dayan Akhtar emerged as a dominant force in the men’s category, displaying exceptional technique and strength throughout the competition to breeze through qualifying, before securing a spot in finals with a dramatic buzzer beater.

Dayan’s consistent performance and ability to solve complex bouldering problems earned him 3rd spot on the podium, taking home the bronze medal.

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Depot Climbing coach Will Buck’s performance in the men’s category was nothing short of impressive. With his unwavering focus and determination, Will consistently pushed his limits, successfully completing intricate bouldering problems.

His strength and agility were on full display, captivating the audience and earning him a commendable placement among the British Bouldering Championships‘ top contenders in 14th place.

Depot Climbing coach George Sables made the short journey south on the M1 from Leeds to Sheffield to test his skills against some serious competition on the Devonshire green city bouldering wall.

George can be proud of a 64th-placed finish in his first appearance at the British Bouldering Championships and will take a lot of experience away with him for both his personal and professional development.

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In the women’s category, Depot Climbing Academy & GB Climbing athlete Emma Edwards showcased her remarkable bouldering abilities, securing a well-deserved 10th place following her recent appearance at the European Youth Championships.

Emma demonstrated exceptional flexibility and problem-solving skills, adapting to the diverse challenges presented by each boulder.

Her determination and composure were evident as she tackled difficult routes with grace and precision, ultimately earning her a result she can be proud of.

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Academy member and Depot Climbing Sheffield team member Flo Brailsford’s exceptional bouldering prowess in the women’s category made her a standout competitor throughout the British Bouldering Championships.

Flo’s ability to read routes and adapt her technique accordingly was truly remarkable.

Her tenacity and resilience were evident as she tackled challenging boulders, ultimately securing a prominent position in the final rankings, having fallen just short in the semi-finals, close on the heels of Emma Edwards in 11th place.

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Not far behind the pack of Depot ladies was Jess Claxton Daniels, a Depot Climbing Academy member, and GB Climbing development squad member. 

Coming off the back of her first International year, Emma displayed all the qualities that have earned her a place in the GB Climbing development squad clocking in a great result of 20th.

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Depot Armley-based coach and former Academy member Emelia Essex left it all out on the mats in this Sheffield city bouldering event, putting in a credible performance to leave her with a 26th-placed finish overall. 

Emilia’s tenacity and drive to push her limits were on show throughout Saturday’s qualifying round, and we are sure that next year, Emilia will be looking to go one step further with an appearance in semis.

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The British Bouldering Championships 2023 witnessed an impressive display of talent and skill from climbers across the United Kingdom and we’d like to congratulate everyone who was involved for putting on such a great show right in the heart of Sheffield. 

Dayan Akhtar, Emma Edwards, Will Buck, and Flo Brailsford emerged as standout performers from Depot Climbing, showcasing their exceptional abilities and leaving a lasting impression on spectators.

Their dedication, technique, and problem-solving skills were instrumental in their success, solidifying their positions as some of the top climbers in the country.

As the sport continues to grow, these athletes serve as an inspiration to aspiring climbers and a testament to the incredible talent within the British & Depot climbing community.

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