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18 Best Gifts for Climbers

November 1, 2023 3:20 pm

Depot Climbing

We’ve got you covered for any gift’able occasion with our 18 Best Gifts for Climbers guide.   Here at Depot Climbing we only select the best products for our shop, hand-picked by our expert team of staff to ensure we’ve got exactly what you want!

Here we have selected a variety of gifts perfect for the climber in your life, sourced from the best makers and local producers to Internationally recognised brands. All of our offerings are fashionable, practical, and useful.  Best of all, we’ve done the hard work for you with this selected list, broken down into price brackets to make that gifting conundrum that bit simpler.

See our suggestions for the best gifts for all budgets, gifts for climbers has never been so simple!

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Dark Ventures Forearm Trainer

A 3-pack forearm trainer kit, providing the perfect level of resistance for any stage of your climbing. Warm up, cool down, rehab and conditioning.  All without breaking the bank!

Give the gift of improved hand strength and dexterity! Now we know this sounds nerdy, but that’s the world of buying gifts for climbers!

Perfect as a stand-alone gift for a friend or a stocking filler for your partner or bestie.

See our full selection of training accessories here for more ideas for warm gifts for climbers.

£6 each

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Depot Climbing Beanie

What could be better for a climber in the UK than the gift of warmth? Our thick, double-layered waffle-knit beanies are the perfect way to keep toasty when it’s cold and show your part of the nationwide Depot tribe.

A classic look with an understated stitched logo and a black color scheme means this beanie goes with any outfit, whether that’s to go with a fleece and down jacket on an outdoor adventure, or with a pair of shorts in the gym, this is the perfect gift for any climber and budget-conscious gifter.

See our full selection of headwear here for more ideas for warm gifts for climbers.


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Friction Labs Gorilla Grip Chalk

When it comes to gifts for climbers, treating someone to a bag of Friction Labs chalk is right up there with as good as it gets! Treat them to a bag of premium magnesium carbonate and you’ll be friends forever.

Friction Labs has 3 offerings, Gorilla Grip, Unicorn Dust and Bam Bam.  Gorilla is the middle ground of chunky and fine, meaning you can be sure that this will fit the bill.

We also have a full range of the best chalk offerings on the market, see the collection here.


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friction labs gorilla grip chalk Depot Climbing

Black Diamond Skin Maintenance Kit

Climbers can often spend more time talking about their skin than their climbing! So we know skincare is important, in which case what not think skin when it comes to gifting?

As unique as our personalities, our tips are different to the next, dry, wet, rough, smooth.

But regardless of your type, all skin needs care. Step up their skincare game with Repair from Rhino Skin & Dark Ventures; a non-greasy lotion for sore or worn skin, whether that comes from the rocks or the plastic, premium skincare is a cool gift for any climber!

Our full skincare range can be seen here too.


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Rhino Skin Repair bottles side by side Depot Climbing

The Climbing Bible

The go-to book for a simple guide to technical, physical and mental training for climbing, for a climber, by climbers! In the Climbing Bible, internationally renowned climbers and coaches offer a comprehensive guide to effective training.

Perfect for any indoor or outdoor climber, this book covers a comprehensive list of tips, tricks and best practices for any climbing journey that adds some training into the mix to become better climbers.

Does it get more perfect than a climbing gift with the word bible in it? This does exactly what it says on the tin!

Looking for different books as gifts for climbers? You can see our range of guidebooks, training books, and autobiographies here.


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the climbing bible book Depot Climbing

Ash Climbing Offcut Board

Handmade in Sheffield by Depot Climbing staff member Ash, the Offcut Board is the ultimate companion for any climbers bag of gear-perfect for warming up in the gym, at the crag, and even prehab and rehab purposes.

The Offcut has 25mm and 15mm edges, can be held as a jug, and can also be hung with body weight, loaded up free weights, or cables.

No bigger than an average smartphone, the Offcut isn’t just perfectly packable, it’s perfectly giftable too!

We also have a comprehensive collection of training aids here.


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ash half cut hangboard Depot Climbing

Depot Climbing Cap

A climbing cap for the cool cat climbers, this Depot-branded cap is the gift perfect for those with sunshine and style on their minds.  An embroidered Depot logo and a two-tone peak with an adjustable strap make this a perfect addition to any climbing outfit.

You can see more headwear options here too.


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Silly Goat Jack the Lad Brush

Silly Goat Holds creates beautifully made, completely unique, and individual climbing brushes right here in the UK.  No single brush is the same, and each is individually numbered so you can be sure that this is a really personal gift.

Hand crafted with sustainably sourced materials, Jack the Lad is the middle-sized brush in the Silly Goat collection and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  We also carry the Thomas Twig and Davey Boy brushes for those looking for something either a little smaller or a little larger.

Match their uniqueness with a truly unique and artisan gift with the Silly Goat brush, a go-to choice for gifts for climbers this year.

Want to see more brush options? Click here.


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jack the lad silly goat climbing brush Depot Climbing

Gifts Between £31-50

Black Diamond Crack Climbing Gloves

It’s all the rage right now, Crack Climbing is officially back in vogue, so if you’re not doing it, are you even climbing?

Give the gift of crack with these Black Diamond Crack Gloves and save some skin with these perfect climbing accessories.

Their hand-james will be bomber forever more with these crack gloves.


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black diamond crack gloves Depot Climbing

Bombproof Climbing OG Boulder Bucket

Straight outta Manchester, Bombproof perfectly combines streetwear style with climbing functionality. You know a product is not just good, but cool when you see it in the hands of all the crushers at the crag, route setters and gym staff!

Hand-made products, by climbers, for climbers, Bombproof is another brand with Depot team member connections. Using high-quality materials, these aren’t just Bombproof by name, they are bombproof by nature.

Buy a gift that lasts, with a stylish boulder bucket made handmade with love, perfect for a list of gifts for climbers!

Our full range of hand-selected chalk bags can be seen here.


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bomb proof bouldering bucket chalk bag Depot Climbing

Chilly’s Reusable Water Bottle

Water bottles are all the rage right now, and what better way to express your gratitude for that special someone than with one of the bougiest bottles on the market?

We stock a range of Chilly’s water bottles in a colour for anyone, and with a choice of 350ml, 500ml and 1 litre, the Chilly’s Series 2 water bottle is the perfect adventure companion whether that’s climbing indoors or taking it all outside!

Now that’s what we call high-quality H2O.

£36 (1 litre)

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Ash Climbing Portable Hangboard

The portable hangboard is a staple training aid for any climber who might be traveling around no matter the distance.

Whether thats’ travel for work, local and far-flung climbing destinations, or just short on space at home, this portable hangboard is another ultimate gifts for climbers idea for the climber in your life.

20mm and 15mm edges to hang from and can be gripped as a jug too, an adjustable chord means you can hang the board to have the pockets in either flat, incut, or sloping orientations, meaning there is no limit to the gains you can get from this perfectly portable, perfectly giftable, hand-crafted hangboard.

See our full range of hangboards here.


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DMM Peenut Set 1-5

It’s not often you can add to someone’s rack with a special occasion gift, but the 1-5 Peenut set from DMM won’t break the bank and will add a new dimension to any climbers gear collection.

If your partner is climbing on quarried rock, then the Peenuts are one of the best gifts for climbers, so they can leave no stretch of rock unprotected.

Give the gift of protection.


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DMM Peenut 1-5 set Depot Climbing

Gifts over £50

Beta Brush Stick Evo

They say that 1 in every 2 of us at some point in our lives will be a boulderer, so be prepared with the Beta Brush stick; packable, portable and imperative for any outdoor projects!

When you take your climbing outside, you leave behind the jazzy brush sticks of the climbing wall, and all too often we see taped brushes on mop handles and broomsticks.

Solve all their extended brushing needs with an adjustable brushstick holder, featuring an articulated head for any angle, an extendable pole for any height, and secure fastenings for any brush head!

Pick up a brush stick at any of our centres (we don’t ship these!).


beta project evo brush stick Depot Climbing

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Keep their momentum going with the ultimate harness from Black Diamond, coming in kids’, men and women’s fits, there’s a harness for any climber with the Momentum.

This harness ticks a lot of boxes, with 4 gear loops, speed buckle fastenings and a bullhorn-shaped waistbelt for comfort, this harness is the perfect option for gifting someone the tools to take their climbing to the next level!


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DMM Dragon Cam

For the committed gifters, the best of friends, or for saying a BIG sorry…gifting a cam is a statement, so why not make it with the UK’s premier provider of climbing hardware; DMM.

With increased contact areas, raw aluminium finish and extendable slings, the Dragon Cams are the ultimate in flexibility and safety when on the wall.

Choose a size to fit from the Dragon Cam range, and match your gifting budget to the size you need with a range from size 00-06 fitting into the upper echelons of gifting etiquette.


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dmm gold dragon cam Depot Climbing

Wild Country Session Quickdraw 6-Pack

Gifts need a style to stand out, and what better way to stand out than with the Heritage quickdraw from Wild Country? Inspired by iconic climbing style, these modern draws are lightweight, durable and bright!

Coming in a 6 pack of 12cm long draws, with solid gate closures, these draws are a good-looking workhorse.

A good value-for-money option that won’t break the bank, and provide hours of clipping time on the wall.  If you’re looking for a gift to stand out from the crowd, the Sessions will do just that; gifting that any climber will appreciate!


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Wild Country Flow Backpack

Stylish, functional, and packing in the storage too! The 26L Flow backpack from Wild Country has a street-cool roll-top closure system and comes with an accessory carabiner for storage and attachments.

This is THE bag for the climber in your life, whether it’s for commuting, gym’ing or hiking the mountains and hills.

See more backpacks and storage here.


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Gift Cards

Depot Gift Cards

Still not sure? Choice is sometimes the best gift!  Enter our perfectly giftable, can’t-go-wrong Gift Card options.  These are available on ALL items in our Depot Climbing Shop in all of our sites.

In the gifting season, especially when it comes to gifts for climbers, simplicity is often the best choice!

£10 & £20 options

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depot climbing gift vouchers Depot Climbing

Still not sure?

Still looking for something that hasn’t made our list of top gifts for climbers? Check out our main collection ranges below for a selection of the best climbing products on the market.

We strive to offer you the very best products in our comprehensive climbing wall shops, with expert staff on hand to help with any questions you might have. We pride ourselves on working with local producers as much as possible, and combine this with global brands, meaning that whatever your climbing needs, we’ve got what you need.

You’ll find a shop in every site, with everything you might need and more!

Don’t forget that all online orders over £50 receive FREE SHIPPING in the UK.


Bouldering Mats

We stock a wide selection of the best bouldering mats on the market across our Depot Climbing centres.  Check out our guide and pick out your best match to collect next time you’re in one of our centres.

We’ve got a mat for any climber.

Best Bouldering Mats Guide
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