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WBL: Round 2 + Overall Results

January 19, 2021 6:31 pm

Depot Climbing

The Winter Bouldering League has been completely derailed, like most things due to COVID-19 and Lockdowns 2 and 3. This year has anticlimactically ended with just two rounds.

But worry not! We are counting both rounds towards the final scores and will do full prize-giving and raffle when we reopen, how did you do?

All Centres:

All Centres Overall Results.

All Centres 2 Results.


Leeds Overall Results.

Leeds Round 2 Results.


Manchester Overall Results.

Manchester Round 2 Results.


Nottingham Overall Results.

Nottingham Round 2 Results.


Birmingham Overall Results.

Birmingham Round 2 Results.


Sheffield Overall Results.

Sheffield Round 2 Results.

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