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Climbing for the Easter Holidays

Looking for something to keep the kids occupied this Easter? Want to keep them engaged, off-screens and active? Our comprehensive range of Junior Climbing sessions could be for you!

With a range of offerings suitable from age 1 all the way through to 16+ we offer casual sessions and Nationally accredited learning, all while having fun!

Find out more about how we can help this school break.

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Best Value Climbing

If you’re looking to combine climbing and general fitness, we’ve got what you need!  Not only are we the biggest bouldering centre in the UK, but our comprehensive training area is perfect for your non-climbing fitness too!

See how having us along for the ride in your climbing journey isn’t just good for your biceps and your pockets too!

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A little coaching, a lot of gain

Climbing is unique to each of us, so we know that improving your climbing depends on your enjoyment of the sport and what you’d like to get out of it.

That’s why we have a range of coaching and instruction for all abilities, at affordable price ranges; so you can take your climbing in any direction!

Find the session for you in our collection of coaching services and reach new heights in your climbing.

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Climbing & Community

Yorkshire puddings & gravy, climbing & community; are all things that go hand in hand and improve each other.

Community is the thread that keeps us climbing, that’s why we offer a range of instructor-led socials to get you involved and climbing with other climbers.

Find your tribe at Depot Climbing with our Social Sessions.

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Winter Bouldering League

The WBL series has now ended, stay tuned for news about our Summer Bouldering League coming very soon!

Full & combined results can now be found on the WBL page.


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Personalised Climbing Coaching

Coaching isn’t just for the elite, here at Depot Climbing we believe it’s for anyone who wants to improve, no matter what stage of your climbing journey you are at.

We’re here to help you with your goal, from climbing to strength & conditioning, we’re here for you.

So we start with a very simple question;

What is your goal?

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Social Climbing

Want to meet and climb with like-minded people? Our social sessions provide the space for you to meet new friends, or come along with your current crew.

All socials come with a  complimentary brew before we get started to break the ice, and are supervised by one of our expert instructors who are on hand to provide some casual tips and tricks of the trade.

Find your tribe with our selection of social climbing sessions.

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Stay Classy: Responsible Outdoor Bouldering

Climbing has never been more popular and in vogue and is growing at a rapid rate.

As a business that sees thousands of climbers each day, in a ‘self-governed’ sport, we believe we have a responsibility to help any climber aspiring to take their new passion to the next level; the outdoors!

We can build countless new walls, but we can’t build new crags. So how can we ensure we collectively look after what we’ve got?

We teamed up with an author, photographer and gritstone aficionado Dave Parry,  to see what little behaviours we can all adopt to ensure our outdoor crags are well looked after.

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Battle of Britain 2023

It gets better and better every year! BoB23 blew us away, with a jam-packed day of climbing and good vibes, thank you everyone who came along and made it such a great event!

Watch the highlights, read a round-up and see the full results.

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Depot Student Climbing

The new term is about to start, and whether you’re just finding climbing or are already on your own climbing journey, combining your studies and climbing has never been simpler than with our student offerings here at Depot Manchester.

From 9-month passes that match your academic year to weekly student entry days and working with your Climbing and Mountaineering Clubs, we’re confident you’ll love climbing with us this academic year!

See below to find out what we can do for you at Depot Manchester.

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BIG Depot Learn the Ropes courses

At our newly rebuilt and reopened BIG Depot, just down the M62 in Leeds.

Fancy taking your climbing to the next level? Our Larn to… pathway could be for you!

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Best Bouldering Mats

We stock a wide range of the highest quality bouldering mats on the market in our comprehensive in-house climbing shop.

From your first mat to extra additions to your collection, we’re here for you.

All of our pads are available to purchase in-store, but if you’d like to find out all you need to know about the range we offer, read on below to find the perfect pad for you.

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Yoga with Jess

The North West’s favourite Yoga teacher is back with two regular classes here at Depot Manchester.

Join Jess on Thursdays at 7-8pm or 8.15-9.15pm.
Yoga: £8 / Yoga & Climb: £15
Book online or at the desk

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